Congenital convex pes valgus (congenital vertical talus) is a rare condition. We reviewed ten feet in seven patients who had had surgical correction. All had been operated on by the senior author (JF) and the same surgical technique was used throughout, incorporating transfer of the tibialis anterior to the neck of the talus. The mean age at surgery was 31 months and the mean follow-up was nine years (6 to 14). All patients completed a questionnaire and had clinical, radiological and photographic evaluation performed by an independent examiner. None had required further surgery. All but one were satisfied with the result, and had no functional limitations. They all wore normal shoes. The mean ankle dorsiflexion was 17 degrees and plantar flexion 21 degrees. The mean arc of subtalar motion was 27 degrees. All radiological parameters measured were within the normal range, although irregularity of the talonavicular joint was common. No avascular necrosis of the body of the talus was seen. We conclude that the medium-term results of this procedure are very satisfactory.