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220-Day Study Plan
With two cycles covering 657 topics over 220 days, this is our most intensive and comprehensive study plan for residents preparing for their final board examination.
Study plans are now included in PEAK and PEAK Plus annual memberships. Simply purchase PEAK and start the Study Plan in your learning goals.
  • Intensive Comprehensive Curriculum
    With two cycles covering 657 topics and repeating 482 essential topics, our most rigorous study plan integrates flashcards, practice questions, essential scientific articles, and review videos in a modern platform that guarantees you stay on track and comfortably pass any final national orthopaedic board exam. 
  • Algorithmic Daily Learning
    Let our modern space-repetition algorithm diagnose your weakness to teach you more efficiently with daily, personalized, automated, learning lessons. Optimize your daily learning with our new algorithmic flashcard system that allows you to memorize and retain a foundation of knowledge quickly and easily.
    See How 
  • Longitudinal Diagnostics
    Use our Bi-monthly Diagnostic Milestone Exams, and annual Global Longitudinal Orthopaedic Benchmark Exam (GLOBE), with new diagnostic questions, to identify your areas of weakness so you can focus where you actually should. Know where you stand amongst your peers, across all specialties, with PGY% Rank Scores.
  • Podcast & Total Recall Webinar Series
    Learn more efficiently by utilizing your space time to listen on the go. Learn from expert educators as they walk through the highest-yield topics to help you prepare for the boards more effectively.
Two phases ensure that you start studying early and cycle through all the critical content twice, while still reviewing the less frequently tested topics at least once. 

New Feature! Optimize your daily learning with our new algorithmic flashcard and question system that allows you to memorize and retain a foundation of knowledge quickly and easily. 


Use our annual Global Longitudinal Orthopaedic Benchmark Exam (GLOBE) and bi-monthly Milestone Exams to diagnose your strengths and weaknesses and benchmark yourself against your peers with our PGY %Rank Score.



Coming Soon! Watch experts talk through all of the high-yield topics you need to know leading up to the boards.



  • The Power 220-Day Study Plan is designed to prepare residents for their Board Examinations.


  • If you are taking the ABOS Board Examination, we suggest starting before December 6th to finish before the ABOS exam window starting July 11th, 2023.
  • You will receive your first daily emails the day AFTER your purchase.
  • You can complete the study plan at your own pace by accessing any day's study plan. Think of each day in the calendar as an individual lesson--just select any day on the Adaptive Calendar to acccess that day's lesson.


The Study plan consists of three components: 

1. Daily Study Plans Reviewing 657 Topics

The Power 220-day Study Plan delivers daily emails with a detailed list of what you will be covering for that day's plan. 

  • Phase 1 includes 5 topics/day for 97 days to cover 482 high-yield topics.
  • Phase 2 includes 6 topics/day for 123 days to cover 655 comprehensive topics (thus you will review high-yield topics twice).

Each topic also includes associated questions and frequently-tested articles, often with a free full-text PDF.

2. Diagnostic Milestone Exams, Mock Exams, & Reinforcement

Take 13 Diagnostic Milestone Exams to test the material you have learned and reinforce your knowledge.
  • Each month, we release a Diagnostic Milestone Exam consisting of 25 Never-Been-Seen Questions. 
  • Access is limited to members of the Orthobullets Virtual Curriculum.
  • Grading curves are posted one month after the exam is released so you can compare your performance to other residents.

A series of 3 timed and scored mock exams at the conclusion of the plan will ensure that you are prepared for the exam.

3. High-Yield Video Webinars

Brought to you by experts from ASES, AAHKS, & CHLA. 
Watch Core Review Webinars by expert faculty that review key questions and concepts from highly tested topics.

Pricing & Purchase Information


Gives you access to:

  • Daily study plan
  • 13 Diagnostic Milestone Exams
  • Review Webinars
  • All premium content included in the Virtual Curriculum



  • Before purchasing, make sure you can log into Orthobullets with the account that you would like your purchased product to be associated with.
  • Payments are made through PayPal. Once the transaction is complete, you will automatically be redirected to your purchased product on Orthobullets.
  • NOTE: Your login credentials on PayPal can be different than your login credentials on Orthobullets. However, be sure to log into Orthobullets with your usual Orthobullets email. 
  • You can confirm if your purchase was registered on Orthobullets by clicking "Purchased Products" found at the bottom of the black user menu that appears when you click on your name on the top right of the Orthobullets page. 
  • If you have any questions or problems, email us at with your PayPal transaction ID.
+ 12-month PEAK Subscription
Study Plan
25% OFF

If I lost some past daily Study Plan emails, is there a way to access those study plan days?

Yes. All past daily study plans can be found embedded in your Adaptive Calendar. Just select any day on the Adaptive Calendar to access that day's lesson.


What if I am a member of the study plan group but am still not getting daily emails to my inbox?

Daily Study Plan emails begin the day after your purchase. Check your spam folder and promotions folder in your email inbox. Because Orthobullets sends high volumes of emails, our emails are sometimes filtered into spam folders or promotions folders, so be sure to look there for our emails. If that is the case, mark us as "not spam" and add to your contact list to avoid this in the future. If you are still not getting emails, send us a message at and we will help resolve this issue.


How do I get to the Study Plan private group?

Click Groups in the top menu. Then click on Study Plan and select the plan you want to access from your list of joined Study Plans. 


If I bought another Study Plan, can I still get this one?

Yes. Our Study Plans work on a 12-month premium content model, so if your PEAK subscription is still active, you can add any of our Study Plans. If you have already purchased another Study Plan and would like to be added to a this one, you can do so in your Learning Goals page. Click on your name in the top right corner and select "Learning Goals" from the drop down menu. In Step 1 of your Learning Goals, you can change your learning focus to a different study plan. 

Note: If you only have 4 months remaining on your 12-month subscription, you will only be able to access the study plan for 4 months and will need to purchase a new PEAK subscription to maintain access. 


How do I access my Study Plan daily lessons?

Your Study Plan lessons can be accessed through your Anconeus Daily Learning Dashboard, indicated by the robot icon to the right of the search bar. Here you will see your daily learning activities, as well as your personalized daily reinforcement questions chosen by our Anconeus algorithm. Watch this video to learn more about your Anconeus Daily Learning Dashboard. 


What if my residency program has subscribed to PASS PRO and I am getting the Core Curriculum daily emails?

As a PASS subscriber, you can have access to this and all other study plans. Click on your name in the top right corner and select "Learning Goals" from the drop down menu. In Step 1 of your Learning Goals, you can change your learning focus to a different study plan. 

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