Updated: 1/13/2021

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Welcome to our Job Bank!

Please email us at info@orthobullets.com to post your job listing.


  • Given orthobullets’ unique user population, orthobullets is a strategic property for healthcare practice groups looking to recruit residents, fellows and senior surgeons.
  • Job Bank is a highly user friendly job search/posting system that is customized specifically for the orthopedic surgeon and representative practice group.
Job Bank Features
  • Our Job Bank was custom built to provide the following features
    • employeer direct postings without recruiter agency postings
      • all contacts given go directly to the recruiting organization
    • a search function that establishes the key criteria surgeons use when searching for jobs
    • job postings designed and edited exclusively for your practice group
    • a simple and easy to use interface
    • strategic banners within the site to drive members to your posting
  • Simple pricing with payment via Paypal.com
    • $300 per listing for one month
    • $400 per listing for three months
    • $400 for every 5000 US banner impressions (728x90 banner)
    • $50 banner creation and mock-up fee (required)
Why Orthobullets
  • Orthobullets continues to see our community grow. Features that make it a valuable property for job posting include
    • senior resident presence
      • a very high percentage of senior residents, who are searching for jobs, also use orthobullets to prepare for the boards
    • practicing physician presence
      • the number of practicing orthopaedic surgeons continues to grow as the site becomes increasingly popular for practicing physicians to prepare for the MOC
    • traffic volume
      • 48.9 million page-views in 2015, 60% is US traffic
    • community size
      • our surgeon community is greater than 100K surgeons and allied provider members
Get started
  • Email us at info@orthobullets.com to post your listing today

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