Jan 27 - Jan 30, 2021

24th Annual Selby Spine Conference

Park City, UT


3000 Canyons Resort Dr, Park City, UT 84098


The Selby Spine Conference addresses the latest advances and controversies in the field of spine surgery. Through didactic lectures, interactive panel discussions, case-based presentations, and debates, the faculty will share their insights on such issues as complex spine surgery, treatment options for lumbar pathology, avoiding surgical complications, cervical spine surgery, and healthcare economics and the business of spine surgery.

Founded in 1999, the Selby Spine Conference honors the legacy of Dr. David Selby, renowned spine surgeon, decorated war hero, and gifted artist. He led by example through courage, humility, commitment to multidisciplinary inclusion, and dedication to continuing education. The Selby Spine Conference furthers his mission of supporting the spine surgery team as they develop their knowledge and skills.

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3000 Canyons Resort Dr, Park City, UT 84098

06.00PM - 07.00PM
Welcome Reception
06.00AM - 07.00AM
07.00AM - 10.00AM
Session I: Scenarios of Clinical Equipoise - What Drives Decisions
07.15AM - 07.35AM
Cochrane Analysis: Definitive Statistics or Biased Appraisal?
07.50AM - 08.00AM
Discussion with Q and A
08.40AM - 09.00AM
09.20AM - 09.40AM
09.40AM - 10.00AM
Discussion with Q and A
03.30PM - 04.00PM
Morning session Adjourns
04.00PM - 05.30PM
Session II: Innovations and New Technologies
05.30PM - 07.00PM
Session III: Fireside Chat- Then and Now
05.30PM - 06.00PM
Posterior Lumbar Instrumentation: Then and Now
06.00PM - 06.30PM
Prophylactic C4-5 intrafacet cages during cervical laminectomy and fusion for cervical spondylotic myelopathy
06.00AM - 07.00AM
07.00AM - 10.00AM
Session IV: Healthcare Economics and Spine Surgery
07.00AM - 08.30AM
Introductory Talk on Healthcare Economics Overview: Case Based Discussion
08.30AM - 08.50AM
Cost in Considering the adoption of new technology: Perspective of Physician, Patient, Payer, Hospital
08.50AM - 09.10AM
Bone Graft Material Update: Evidence for new materials
09.10AM - 09.40AM
ASCs vs inpatient care: Costs and Benefits
09.40AM - 10.00AM
Healthcare reform in spine surgery: Cost and Risk Sharing Patients, Hospitals and Surgeons. System Reform in Spine Surgery
03.30PM - 04.00PM
Après Ski & Exhibits
04.00PM - 07.00PM
Session IV: Selby M&M; Case Complications
04.20PM - 04.40PM
04.40PM - 05.00PM
05.40PM - 06.00PM
06.20PM - 06.40PM
06.40PM - 07.00PM
Discussion with Q and A
06.00AM - 07.00AM
07.00AM - 10.00AM
Session VI: Grand Rounds
07.00AM - 07.20AM
Osteotomies for Spinal Deformity Correction
07.20AM - 07.40AM
The role of Anterior Surgery in Spinal Deformity
07.40AM - 08.00AM
*Nova Approaches Talk – anterior surgical approaches and technologies
08.00AM - 08.20AM
When degenerative conditions become deformity
08.20AM - 08.40AM
MIS Surgery for Deformity- When is MIS appropriate and when is open surgery more appropriate?
08.40AM - 09.00AM
Minimally invasive laminectomy for multilevel lumbar stenosis
09.00AM - 09.20AM
09.20AM - 09.40AM
Informed choice in spine surgery: Patient expectations and outcomes
09.40AM - 10.00AM
Meeting Adjourns
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