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Trauma 2021-2022


Trauma eval, open fx, compartment syndrome, bone and soft tissue infections
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C101460: Lawnmower Injury in 8-year-old male
C101384: Pathologic L Proximal Femur Fracture
C101526: Erythema and swelling of hand and leg in 73M
C2607: Proximal tibia metaphyseal-diaphyseal junction open fx
C101084: Right-sided head swelling following head trauma in a 17M
C1033: Bilateral femur fractures, pelvic fracture
C1140: Femoral Osteomyelitis
C1599: Acute post traumatic osteomyelitis
C1972: nonuion
C1993: Severe open tibia fracture
C1995: open olecranon fracture
C2026: Chronic osteomyelitis femur
C2213: Proximal tibia osteomyelitis
C2314: Bilateral tibia gustilo 3B severely comminuated fracture
C2327: A case of multiple fractures with fat embolism
C2429: Open fracture dislocation of transverse tarsal joint
C2458: Floating Elbow with Flail Limb
C2627: Open injury of the dorsal surface of the forefoot ( exposed tendon and 1st MTP joint)
C2639: Tibiotalar Osteomyelitis
C2876: Crush injury to the big toe in a 35M
PMID 32084088: Effect of Extended Prophylactic Antibiotic Duration in the Treatment of Open Fracture Wounds Differs by Level of Contamination.
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PMID 27454023: Review of Lower Extremity Traction in Current Orthopaedic Trauma.
PMID 27671737: Is Early Appropriate Care of axial and femoral fractures appropriate in multiply-injured elderly trauma patients?
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PMID 31668434: Is Operative Debridement Greater Than 24 Hours Post-admission Associated With Increased Likelihood of Post-operative Infection?
PMID 32044942: Effect of Incisional Negative Pressure Wound Therapy vs Standard Wound Dressing on Deep Surgical Site Infection After Surgery for Lower Limb Fractures Associated With Major Trauma: The WHIST Randomized Clinical Trial.
PMID 33252447: Definitive surgery is safe in borderline patients that respond to resuscitation.
PMID 33298796: A Reevaluation of the Risk of Infection Based on Time to Debridement in Open Fractures: Results of the GOLIATH Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies and Limited Trial Data.
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