Pediatric Ortho Fellowship Study Plan



  • comprehensive 310-day reading curriculum covering Pediatric topics & key scientific articles.

  • An innovative Technique Guide & Skillmaster tracking system to help enhance your operative experience for pediatric procedures.

  • Personal notes & highlights across all content so you can "take away" everything you learned during fellowship.

  • Didactic and technical webinars (live and recorded) by expert pediatric faculty.


12-month access to Virtual Curriculum premium content.
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  • Complete educational modules to make sure you are well prepared for Pediatric cases.

  • Log your "self-mastery" of hundreds of surgical skills and steps.

  • Take notes and uploaded operative reports in your case notebook so you can reference it in the future.

  • Engage faculty on target "sweet spot" skills to maximize your surgical skills development.

  • Track your progress on the App to make sure you reach your surgical goals by the end of fellowship.



  • Daily emails for 310 days review 290 Pediatric topics on orthobullets and key textbook chapters on weekends.

  • Stay current with daily journal articles covering the most important clinical studies (often with PDFs).

  • Reinforce your knowledge with 9 Pediatric sub-specialty module exams.

  • Take notes and highlights across topics, questions, and articles.

  • Watch live and recorded webinars on key topics by our expert Pediatric faculty.

Study Plan Details
  • The Pediatric Fellowship Plan is a 310-day Study Plan aimed at building and maintaining a core foundation of Pediatric orthopaedic knowledge for Pediatric fellows and subspecialists.
  • All content in this study plans was review and approved by our pediatric experts to ensure the highest quality content and to select the most relevant and important scientific articles.
  • You will be directed to all content with our daily emails that tell you what topics and articles to read, and what exams to do on which date.
  • All content will also be posted to the Study Plan Group so you can catch up on missed days or read ahead.
  • The Pediatric Fellowship 365-Day Study Plan course consists of four components

    • 310 Daily Emails reviewing 290 comprehensive Pediatric orthopaedic topics
      • you will automatically receive a daily email for 310 consecutive days telling you exactly what topics to review and what questions to do.
      • 290 Primary and Secondary Pediatric orthopaedics topics will be reviewed covering on average 1 topics per day. Subspecialty units will include
        • Peds trauma
        • Peds orthopaedic conditions
        • Peds foot & ankle
        • Peds ortho syndromes
        • Peds hand
        • Peds spine
        • Peds pathology
        • Peds sports
        • Peds basic science
    • Daily Scientific Articles
      • on weekdays the daily email will include a carefully selected scientific article, often times with a PDF. All articles and PDFs can be accessed on the Android and iPhone APP.
    • Weekend Chapter Reading
      • Each weekend a chapter from an authoritative textbook will be assigned to give a deeper knowledge of the topic and associated techniques.
      • Unfortunately, at this time we can not provide the content of the textbooks. 
    • 9 Pediatric Sub-Specialty Module Exams
      • A Pediatric subspecialty exam (e.g., Peds Sports) will be offered at the conclusion of each unit to reinforce your knowledge.




  • Use PEAK to track your progress and learn more efficiently by focusing on the most relevant material and decreasing redundancy.

  • Engage with content more effectively with personal highlights & notes.

  • Use the App to learn more effectively in small blocks of time at the hospital.


  • Payment is made on PayPal. 

  • Following payment Go to Group button to access the Study Plan Group Page
    • To access the Study Plan Group in the future go to Groups in the top menu and click the Study Plan logo

  • To view your updated membership status and product purchase history, click Go to Virtual Curriculum Dashboard


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12-month access to Virtual Curriculum premium content.
*get PASS Peak for 12-months IF you purchase any Study Plan in August.


Questions & Answers
  • Q: If I lost some past daily Study Plan emails is there a way to get the old daily study plans?
    • Answer: Yes. All past daily study plans can be found in the Study Plan private group. Scroll down to the "Comments" section where you will see the past daily study plans.

  • Q: What if I am a member of the group but am still not getting daily emails in my inbox?
    • Answer: Check your spam folder and promotions folder on Gmail. 
      • Because Orthobullets sends high volumes of email, our email is sometimes filtered into spam folders or promotions folders. Be sure to look there for our emails. If that is the case, mark us as "not spam" and add info@orthobullets.com to your contact list to avoid this in the future. If you are still not getting emails, send us a message at info@othobullets.com and we will figure it out.

  • Q: How do I get to the Study Plan private group?
    • Answer: Click groups in the top menu, then click on the logo for the group.

  • Q: If I bought another Study Plan, can I get this one.
    • Answer: Our Study Plans work on a 12-month premium content model. Thus, you have access to all of our Study Plans during your 12-month subscription.
    • If you have purchased another Study Plan, and would like to be added to this one send us a message at info@orthobullets.com.
    • Note - if you only have 4 months remained on your 12-month subscription, you will only be able to obtain the first 4 months of this study plan. 

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